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writing this down before i forget that it happened bc i just remembered it lol

last night at like 1am while waiting underground for like 30 gd minues for the train… this homeless woman in the station (maybe not homeless? she looked cracked out tho..and she had really long blonde hair, a large men’s white dress shirt that was really crisp and clean, and new-looking adidas slides and she was middle aged maybe) was going around with a cup like “spare a quarter?? it’s my birthday” and then these other 2 girls waiting for the train were like “it’s her birthday! all i want for my birthday is a – ” and the lady finishes the sentence “big booty ho!” and they were like “omfg how did u know that song!” and she continued to sing the rest of birthday song like, “all i want for my birthday is a big booty ho when i die bury me inside the gucci store” and was dancing and they all started singing and dancing together it was BIZARRE


♡ Josie and The Pussycats - Pretend To Be Nice ♡

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gluten-free bread is horrifying

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how far are you in the Kim k game??

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omg i haven’t played in like over a week bc i’m trying to slowly detox myself from everything so i’m still on the d list (almost on the c list)



wait for chanel

okay wait for post-it

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A page from Anna Nicole Smith’s diary, 1992

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uhhh does anyone worry about lunch as much as i worry about lunch because the thought of it takes up too much space in my brain

took this quiz i got half As half Bs

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Nicole Richie is an American Treasure

candidly nicole is so great, the whole thing is shot like a commercial (which it probably is, at least for the sponsors) and it’s v social media based in a way? lmao i love it the format is bizarre af

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my little brother sent me this snapchat the other day when the espys were on lmao 👀